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Friday, October 13, 2017

Product packaging strategy

Every day many products come to the markets . Into  all these products, is your products fail to attract the attention of the customers ? Then this article for you .  Your products quality are good and helpful for public but it can not draw the attention of the customers . There are many reason can have but common reason is that product packaging . Your products can fail to draw the attention of customer only this reason .You can solve this problem by taking some proper and simple steps. Here we will discuses about the solution of this problem .
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Firstly you have to find out the problem . Why not sell your products ? although its quality is good .look at your products and think What’s the products of it? So you have to know Product packaging strategy.  Suppose  your product is children food but it’s packaging  color for adult customers . Then your products can’t draw the attention of desired customer . Now , What can you do ? Yes this problem’s right solution is select such color which children like most .Normally we know that the children like deep color , such as red, blue , yellow and another deep color. 

This is the first steps .

Now , you maybe find out the problem of you products , and got a color . But you can not design your product packaging with only color . Again you have to think ,what is the trend of children . You think with intelligence,  then you will able to find out that children love some special character such as some cartoon character , you can use in your product ,

Typography is another important thing in the term of product packaging . Children love different types of typography than another age’s person . Children love calligraphic  type of fonts so you should select this type of fonts .

Why important packaging for your product ?

Most  customer don’t know about your products and There is not enough time for the customer to know your product . But you have to tell about you products to the customers. Under this circumstance your product packaging may be the only solution . If your product’s packaging is attractive then the customers will take the product in hands and will try to understand about you product quality . on the other hand you product packaging quality is bad . Your products may be overlooked by the customers . Now maybe you think that your product needs to be packaged.

where can you packaged your product?

There are many marketplace in the internet world and local graphics design house , where you can design your product’s desired packaging . But may be you don’t know what kinds of description you should provide to the designer for completing your job . Under this situation you can contact with designer .
But packaging cost may be the matter . There are many designers marketplace in the internet world where you can hire a designer for you job at low costs . For example Fiverr,com . It is a great  internet marketplace  here you can hire a designer from 5 dollars . It is service related market site where you can get unlimited revision of your design .. Customers 100% satisfaction is the main target of this marketplace . Here you can post your job and receive your job at a very short time . Design quality of this marketplace is very nice .

Why product packaging is necessary ?

Protect your product from damage , product packaging really protect your product from transportal damage .and help to attract the customers .  Manufacturers are annually spending $150 billion in product packaging design. So you can understand the necessity of product packaging . Packaging save the product damage in many ways .
1.       It helps to arranging the products on shelves .
2.       It helps to save the products from   external sketch .
3.       It helps to draw the attention of the customers.
4.       It helps to send the message about your products to the consumers .

Customer view about product packaging .

If you look at the customer view , you will notice that customer accept those products whose packaging is good to look . All those products are sold more and the packaging is much better. Good packaging brings a good idea about the product . If your products are good but packaging is bad then your products sale rate will not desired that you don’t want .

Iconic asset

If you want to make your products iconic asset so products packaging is really necessary . I
Purpose of product packaging

1.       Make conscious people about your products

2.       Increase your products beauty .